The official page of the artist created to host the project ‘CUT OFF’. IMPREINT CUT OFF


contact: info@impreint.com

208 thoughts on “About

  1. thia licona

    My turn! After viewing the post? My heart rejoiced in you finding me and me finding you! What a gift yours is! Now what? Hope to see you again and again in yours truly’s domain. I’ll do my best to visit you likewise. 🙂


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  3. Kah Choon

    Congratulations, my dear friend, you’re doing so great in helping people through images,
    therefore, I have decided to nominate you for the Blogger Recognition Award.


  4. arnoldnuremberg

    Hallo Impreint, ein ansprechendes Pappschild und eine ansehnliche Bilderstrecke. Hoffe, bei der Aktion geht etwas Kleingeld ein für ein richtig leckeres Essen im passenden Lokal. Oder auch mal eine Einladung zu etwas Selbstgekochtem. Vor allem aber interessante Begegnungen und gute Gespräche. “Please help me” – Bei mir klingt dazu der Beatles Song an: please, please, help me, help me – e – e -e …
    Schöne Grüße, transitnuremberg


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  6. Heather Awen

    Wicked cool, it’s like a very very long show at a gallery because new things get put up with the same theme! I don’ t follow many blogs but I bookmark them instead to enjoy when in the mood, you’ve been bookmarked!


  7. fiftythriftyandfabuless

    This really makes you think. Sometimes you will pass people and not read the signs sometimes look at the people but not the sign. Too hard to meet their eyes. Too hard to turn away. Too hard to admit you are scared to see them because they could be you or someone you love. Beautifully done.



    Thank you for doing something socially proactive with your creativity. I know your part of town well – if there’s anything you need from a fellow artist, get in touch. Looking forward to more. Kudos. V

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  9. Hildegard | Chez Hildegard

    What an interesting morning this has been, looking at your art projects and reviews! Very thought-provoking and stimulating. Now I’ll have to cut myself off from all this creativity and get some mundane things done around here, but with lots to think about in the process. Thanks! 🙂 (See you later!)

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  10. Kennedy

    ‘Glad you introduced yourself with a click…
    “I don’t know what you see.” Okay, I’ll tell you: I see a thoughtful and artistic thinker, well-travelled, curious, a sister in this world, a temporary exhibition. I will follow because I’m sure there’s more I have yet to see.

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  11. Martta Karol

    What a wonderful series of photographs! What a superb project! The thought-provoking sign, representing SOMEONE who is so easily seen as no one, and set against the series of shabby, often bleak atmospheres that are all different yet repetitive, is a really impactful way to illuminate the problem of homelessness. Well done! I look forward to seeing further photos.

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